Illustration/Graphic design/animation

Poems for Link050

I made several illustrations for this project. The poems were distributed as posters and postcards in Groningen. Click here to see them all!

Illustrations for fashion event, Smûk.

For more illustrations I made for the event click here!

Kindermenu 2.0


Videoserie where students talk about their favourite bedtime stories. Every episode has it’s own animation style.

There is no place like Wissant

A visual and personal representation of a beautiful coastal place in France called ‘Wissant.’ 

Groasis socialmedia content

Groasis is an organisation that has developed a way to plant trees in the most rough environments. I created an online media brandbook and different social media posts.

Earz social media content

Earz is a mobile app for teachers and students to learn everything about music. I made a style concept for their visual representation. This contained a set of rules and ideas for the use of colours, figures and fonts.

Boost-up animation

Boost-up is an organisation that invests in young and freshly starting entrepreneurs. In this introduction video the strategies of the organisation will be explained. 

National Student Survey animation

Animation to motivate students to fill out the annual student survey about their school.