Jonge Harten Alex’ perspectief

Jonge Harten’ is a theatre, performance and dance festival in Groningen. The edition of 2020 was a bit different obviously. So this year video content replaced the theatreshows with audience. In this video Alex tells us a very personal story. 

Niet Mijn Schuld

Documentary about student loan debts. How are students feeling about their high debts when they’re finished studying? I made this documentairy for Hanzemag. 


Aftermovie Ongehoord

Drum and Bass party in Simplon. 

Aftermovie Grunnsonic

Every year during Eurosonic/Noorderslag, Grunnsonic is the festival for bands, singers/songwriters and others music performances based in Groningen.

Minerva student makes huge wallpainting that will never be seen.

Video for Hanzemag. Interview with Minerva student about his wallpainting in the Frank Mohr institute.

What is Boost-up?

Video about the work process of Boost-up.


I made a webseries about student dorms. Every episode contains a different student telling about his of her favourite, special or weird items in their dorms. 

Nationale studenten enquête
Promotion video for the national student survey.